Heed warning from Asotin Co. Fire Chief: Don’t walk out onto the ice!


Asotin County Fire District 1 Chief Noel Hardin is prepared for the cold temperatures we’re expecting next week.

"We're gonna have some low temperatures, around zero for just a couple of days,” said Chief Hardin.

Freezing temperatures means ice especially on lakes and ponds, and for some, that would mean a risky walk out onto the icebut Chief Hardin says it’s not worth it.

"People just need to use common sense because I will tell you, there is no ice in this area that is 100 percent safe,” said Chief Hardin.

Many people don’t know the dangers.

“It's one thing if you wanna throw a rock and see and if you can break it, but you really need to stay off the ice,” said Chief Hardin.

This lake is a perfect example of why you should stay off ice. Even though the center portion looks frozen, the outer portions are not.

Other than yourself, you need to also look after others who may be vulnerable when near ice.

"If you're taking your pets with you, your dog.... keep them off of it too, because it doesn't take much for them to drop through that ice,” said Chief Hardin.

But if you were to fall through the ice, local first responders have training that could save your life.

"We go out with safety lines, it's actually a pretty big operation, to try and get someone if they are far away from the bank, you get them to safety and so our recommendation locally is just to stay away from the ice,” said Chief Hardin.

Chief Hardin says that children tend to have a natural fascination with the ice, so teaching them to avoid it is vital to their safety.

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