Hiwaymen Deliver Toys on Hundreds of Motorcycles


'Twas three weeks before Christmas,

When onto the road,

Sprang hundreds of hogs,

With a holiday load.

Hiwaymen President Steve Rogers says, "Just a group of guys that enjoy riding motorcycles."

The Hiwaymen Club

On their yearly mission,

To the Salvation Army...

With local kids Christmas wishes.

Rogers says, "Spent $4,158 this morning on bicycles, scooters, toys..."

A traditional ride

In the spirit of gifts.

For over two decades

On these two-wheeled lifts.

Rogers explains the tradition started, "[In the] 1970's. One of the club brothers loaded up some toys on a bike and took it to the Childrens Home."

On Harley, on moped,

Those hundreds of bikes

From 6th Street to Lewiston

With presents for tykes.

Rogers says, "It's a community event. We have people coming from Montana, Oregon, Southern Cal."

A toy run parade as passersby wave,

Honk,.and even stop to see

These Christmas angels deliver

For all kids to have something under the tree.

Rogers says, "It helps a bunch of kids that normally wouldn't have a good Christmas."

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