House built in 1910 suffers $80,000 in damage from fire


Over the weekend a local couple was startled to find smoke pouring into their kitchen. A fire started in the wall, and now their left to pick up the pieces.

"We moved in, in 2006," said Shirley Phillips. The Phillips' have lived in their home on 9th avenue in Lewiston for over a decade. "Built in 1910, our dream was always to have an old house, and this house really spoke to us," she said.

But Saturday morning, something went terribly wrong. "I was sitting at our computer and I saw a wavy line on the wall. I realized it was smoke coming right out of the wall." Shirley’s husband was sleeping at the time. "I shouted and he jumped straight up and we grabbed our little dog and ran out immediately,” said Shirley. They went outside and began to realize how bad this fire was becoming. "Under the eaves here smoke was already curling out."

Lewiston police, and fire were there within minutes, and they jumped into action. "They began pulling down portions of the ceiling, to get to the fire that was in a crawl space in the ceiling, but it was going up the walls," Shirley said.

The cause of the fire was electrical and the damage is estimated at around $80,000. But miraculously Shirley and her husband say that even with the misfortune they've learned how truly lucky they are. "When something like this happens is when you really realize how many friends, and how valuable family is. It just makes you want to cry because it's so wonderful."

The Philips' say Lewiston Police and Fire were amazing and helped keep them calm in one of the worst moments of their lives.

They also say they are lucky that insurance will likely cover most of the costs for or the damage caused by the fire.

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