Huge grant eases burden off taxpayers to build new Asotin Co. Fire Dist. 1 fire station

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It’s been three years in the making, and Asotin County Fire District 1 is one step closer to getting a new station. They just received a Community Development Grant from the State of Washington for $750,000.

Chief Noel Hardin says the community has grownthey have out grown the station. Their current building is outdated and they have had to add on extra buildings to accommodate for their growth.

Chief Hardin said this grant is a huge help in getting them into their new building.

"That's a huge sum of money, and really eases the burden on the taxpayers,” said Chief Hardin. “And we're happy to see that, you know, the local county commissioners are supporting us and the state of Washington through the Department of Commerce. For them to look at this project and say. ‘yes that's a worthwhile project,’ I mean that's huge for this community."

Chief Hardin says three years ago they purchased what used to be a church, just down the street from their current station, to be their new building.

This grant doesn’t cover the total cost for the new station, and more funding is necessary.

They hope to be in the new station by Fall of 2018.

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