Idaho Candidates Weigh in on Vegas Shooting


The mass shooting in Las Vegas remains on many of our minds, including Idaho politicians.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Dr. Tommy Ahlquist stopped by Lewiston thursday night, one of four stops for the day as he continues his "44 Counties in 44 Days" campaign tour.

With 18 years of experience as an E.R. doctor, Ahlquist has a unique perspective on the tragedy in Vegas. The morning after the shooting, he spoke at the Idaho Chief of Police Association in Twin Falls.

Dr. Ahlquist said of the experience, "It was really touching to be there with all those first responders. One of my best friends is actually one of the E.R. doctors in Las Vegas and, oh my gosh the tragedy for those families and the people. Hearts, prayers go out to them."

Ahlquist wasn't the only candidate voicing their thoughts on what happened in Las Vegas.

Dave Leroy is the former Idaho Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General. He's hoping to return to politics after 20 years as a private citizen; he's now running for Congress.

He says what happened in Vegas is a tragedy that we can learn from.

Leroy says, "But we do need, absolutely do need, to try to come together better as a country and to make things better for each other. If we can analyze this situation carefully, if we can begin to address the root causes, including if it's a terrorist act, perhaps we can make this a teaching moment."

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