Idaho County Sheriff's Office Halts Search for Missing Person

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The Idaho County Sheriff's Office says they're no longer actively searching for Terrence Woods. When I spoke to Terrence Woods' parents this morning, the search was still ongoing for their 27 year old son. His parents are now back home in Maryland, and are just finding out the searches will no longer continue. Both Valerie and Terrence Woods say they're devastated.

"I want him to come home. I want him to know that we love him. Your family miss you. Your sisters your brothers. They want you to come home safe," says Valerie Woods.

27-year-old Terrence Woods has been missing since Friday. He was filming a documentary on

Penman Mine in the Orogrande, Idaho area with a British production company.

"He was living his dream. He was doing what he wanted to do. And he did everything to get to this point, and for us to even be here, it's unbelievable," says Valerie Woods.

But since the beginning, both Valerie and Terrence woods knew something wasn't right.

"He said I'm not feeling good about it, but I'm taking it. I said if you don't want to you don't have to go. He said this is the last one and I come home, I'm not going back. Matter of fact he said I want to change my profession because I'm tired of travelling."

Terrence texted his father that he wanted to go home the morning of the day he was last seen. He also posted an image of Idaho’s scenery on his private Instagram.

"We live through him. We travel and live through him. Everywhere he went he sent pictures, and brought back souvenirs and stuff like that. We lived through him and his travels. Everything that he's seen."

Terrence traveled to around 10 countries for his job as a production assistant. Everytime, he brought back a shot glass for his dad's collection, and souvenirs for the entire family, including his siblings. Valerie Woods says Terrence tried to leave this particular shoot at any cost.

"He told them that I was having surgery. And there is no surgery scheduled. That's why he wanted to leave early," she says.

Even though the Idaho County Sheriff's Office has called off the search, his family is confident they'll find their son alive and well.

"They'll find him. He's in someone's house. They're going to find him. They'll find him, he's in someone's house."

A hotspot was detected by a helicopter's FLIR camera with white papers around it Wednesday, but it seems that finding didn't lead to any clues. The Idaho County Sheriff's Office says it will still continue to investigate leads and monitor the area, but will not be actively searching.

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