Inland Cellular outage continues today

Inland Cellular reps say voice network outage due to a major commercial power disruption; hope to be restored Monday evening.

According to a press release from Inland Cellular, there is a voice network outage affecting customers described as a "major commercial power disruption".

"This outage caused surges and spikes, which destroyed our battery backups and generators, damaging essential hardware and information," said Tony Mastroberardino of Inland Cellular.

The company said it is in the process of restoring the information needed to run the voice network.

Equipment is being flown from three private jets from various parts of the country.

"Voice services will not be restored today; our target resolution is Monday evening," Mastroberardino said.

"The information needed to run the backup systems was damaged so severely that we are unable to implement our backup voice switch. Our backup protocol for 4G & LTE services functioned properly and those services are restored. Email communications & data services are functional."

Inland Cellular encourages customers to reach out to its support team for help on alternative communication options.

All Inland Cellular retail locations are open today.

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