IRS robo call scam continues to plague valley residents


For the past few weeks, KLEW News has received numerous calls from you about phone scams, and today is no different.

Although tax season is over, the IRS is still finding a way to contact people…or so it may seem.

These calls are about as fake as fake can be. While most IRS related calls happen during tax time, Thursday morning a viewer let us record this call she received. Take a listen.

"Criminal investigation department of the IRS. The matter at hand is extremely time sensitive and urgent, as after audit, we found that there was a fraud and misconduct on your tax filing, which you are hiding from the federal government. This needs to be rectified immediately."

Calls like these can be problematic…Lewiston Police Lieutenant Jeff Klone told me why.

Lt. Klone said, "The IRS will not contact you by phone. We've been told they'll only contact you by mail. And, almost everything else goes that way too, whether it's like you’ve missed court, cause that's a common scam, or you owe some bank money, or things like that. They don't contact you by phone."

Scams like the one you just heard can cause thousands of dollars in losses.

Lieutenant Klone said if you receive a call, hang up, don’t call any number they leave, and report it to the police or if you do give out your personal information, your bank. He also said that anyone calling and asking for personal information over the phone is part of a scam.

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