ITD Reports Crash Location Data Inaccuracies at Casino Intersections


During a more in-depth look at crashes at the intersections near the Clearwater River Casino,KLEW News reporter Shannon Moudy discovered there have been errors in the state's crash reporting data that could go back years.

Back in September, a KLEW investigation into the intersections found that, according to the Idaho Transportation Department, the east intersection ranked 9th in the district for crashes. But department employees have just discovered multiple mistakes that contradict those reports.

Thursday afternoon ITD traffic engineer Jared Hopkins discovered the high-accident location database (HAL), the reporting system they use to compile those lists, is inaccurate. Because both areas are intersections of Nez Perce Road and Highway 95, the database mixed up crashes at the west and east entrances.

It's now coming out that in the last five years there were more crashes at the west intersection, where Thursday's wreck occurred, than at the east, contradicting data previously reported by ITD.

In using police reports to cross-check the numbers, Hopkins found four mistakes during 2016 alone. The HAL system is used state-wide and could yield mistakes going back years.

ITD employees with District 2 are continuing to look into this.

Original investigation into the intersections:

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