'Kind Campaign' brings mission to end girl-against-girl bullying to Lewiston High School

    (Photo, KLEW)

    Bullying remains a sad reality in schools.

    "They made fun of me for being short and for not being skinny and I also started getting acne at a really young age," says Lewiston High School senior Camie Smith.

    That's what brought Lauren Paul and Molly Thompson, founders of the Kind Campaign, to the school Thursday. The two women created the non-profit to raise awareness of the problem of girl-against-girl bullying and put an end to it.

    "Girls can be really mean," says Smith. "Girls are vicious."

    Their goal is to help students understand the consequences of the manipulation, gossip and insults they say girls often engage in.

    "With so much pain and guilt in this woman's heart and with tears streaming down her face, she shared how she and her friends were so mean to this one particular girl back when she was in high school," Paul said, describing one of their many emotional interactions.

    After watching the "Finding Kind" documentary that started Paul and Thompson's movement, the girls wrote down apologies and kindness pledges and some came on stage to share them.

    "We saw so much healing take place and girls apologizing to on another this week," Paul says.

    A survey from the organization says two out of every three girls apologize to someone during or after one their assemblies and that their events gave more that 80 percent of students hope for a better school year.

    "Even if it's just smiling at someone in the hallway, being kind makes a difference," says Lewiston High School junior Bailey Russell.

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