KLEW Community Hero: Mechanic Jesse Main uses his skill to help others

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Now to our newest installment of KLEW Community Heroes. Our newest hero took his passion, and life’s work, and uses it to help others who find themselves in a financial bind. There’s hardly any financial gain for Jesse Main, and he spends around 12 hours a day, for the soul purpose of helping others.

"I built my first motor when I was 13-years old, an I've been doing it ever since,” said Main. Jesse Main has been an auto mechanic his entire life. "It doesn't matter how old the car is, or how new the car is... they all break down eventually, and you have to have somebody to work on it."

It all began when he was just a kid. And a very important person in his life, shared the same passion. “My dad wasn’t around, so I had my grandpa, and that's what we did. I learned at a real, real young age."

He taught Jesse all he knew about cars, and how to fix them. Jesse also took another lesson away from his grandfather. "If he could help anybody, that's what he was doing. And that's where I got it."

Jesse noticed a trend in the valley that was troubling him. "Down here in the valley the range is anywhere from $85 to $110 an hour for labor,” he said.

He realized, for people who don’t make a lot of money, getting work on their car can break the bank.

"I figured it out when I couldn't pay to get my car fixed,” said Jesse. “The lucky part is, I was in Spokane, there's a bus."

He said the lack of public transportation in the valley makes it crucial for affordable mechanic work.

"There's hardly any transportation here as far as busses and stuff, and taxi's are expensive too. So you gotta help the people who can't help themselves."

Jesse works full-time at Discount Auto Sales as a mechanic, but he decided to use his skills to help others. "That's from 9:00 to 5:00, then I have a list of things to do for private people that can't pay $100 an hour to get their car worked on.”

He spends a full eight hours at his job, then goes next door to a storage unit he rents, and works on cars for people who don’t have the cash for extra costs. "It's gotta happen,” he said. “There's got to be somebody down here that's willing to do payments and willing to do cheaper work."

Jesse often loses money when he takes on these jobs. “I don't make a whole lot of money, but people have their cars. and that's what's important."

People say a hero is someone who remains selfless... And Jesse fits that mold perfectly. “As far as being a hero, I don't see myself as a hero,” he said. “I just see myself as trying to help people."

If you know a person who has gone above and beyond, let us know about your hero! Just email us at – We’d love to share their inspiring story with our community.

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