KLEW Community Hero: Beau Sullivan defeats big obstacles


Another installment of KLEW Community Heroes. This one is the story of a little family, with big obstacles, and how they're keeping a positive outlook.

"We found out we were pregnant with Beau the day after Christmas last year." Five months into the pregnancy, Emily and Zach Sullivan learned of a little bump in the road. "We found out he had club foot at our ultrasound," said Emily Sullivan. They were worried about what this meant for their baby, but after research... They were ready. Beau was born on August 22nd. "We kind of started noticing the first couple weeks, that his eyes weren't opening," she explained.

They took Beau into a specialist, and they diagnosed him with BPES syndrome. "It's just your eye openings are really tiny; you have really droopy eyes." They went to a surgeon who said he needed surgery before his eye sight deteriorated. "We were nervous for surgery but we were pretty gung ho about it, because we wanted our baby to see," Emily said.

But it turned out, there were more health problems for little Beau. They learned his BPES syndrome made it hard for him to eat and even breath. "Feeding tube, you have to do this, so we were like, you know, that's perfect. We'll do whatever we need to do to help him."

Then a doctor explained to Emily and Zach, that their baby would need a tracheotomy to help him breath. "My jaw just hit the floor, you know, like you just never think when you're pregnant that that's something you'd have to worry about," Emily said.

But through all the ups and downs, they've learned a lot about Beau. "He's so good, he has such a laid back attitude, I think it gets it from me," said Beau’s dad Zach.

In the four short months he's lived... He's already had several surgeries. "He is like so resilient, and happy all the time, like literally the day after this surgery we knew we made the right decision when he was like smiling at us," said Emily.

As new parents the Sullivan’s have learned quickly, they'd do anything for their little boy. "What we have to do to make him safe, and happy and healthy... Yeah we'll do," Zach explained.

No matter the hardships, they know it'll all be worth it. "We think things happen for a reason, and we wouldn't change it," said Zach. "He's such a good baby and we just think he has a guardian angel, someone's looking out for him, and he's going to be something really special one day," Emily said.

They spent weeks in the hospital and have to make frequent trips to Spokane and Seattle for Beau's appointments... Causing Emily and Zach to miss work. This makes it hard to pay bills, but as devoted parents, they are determined to do anything for their boy. If you would like to help out the Sullivan’s, they have a GoFundMe page set up in their name. Just click on this link Https://

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