KLEW Investigates: Most Dangerous Intersection


Now to a special report, it’s an intersection just outside Lewiston, notorious for crashes. We wanted to know is the intersection by the Clearwater River Casino the most dangerous?

As recently as Monday, drivers have crashed at the intersection near the Clearwater River Casino. I sat down with Jared Hopkins of the Idaho Transportation Department to find out how dangerous this intersection really is.

Hopkins said every three years, the Idaho Transportation Department compiles the number of crashes in their districts. Their most recent numbers are from 2013 to 2015. In district two, the top spot for crashes is actually the intersection of Michigan Avenue and Highway 12, that’s the bridge going into Orofino. The east intersection into the Clearwater River Casino actually falls surprisingly farther on the list.

"We do maintain a high-accident location list,” said Hopkins. “It uses the crash frequency, crash severity, and the crash rate, and using all that criteria, the east intersection of the casino is ranked number nine in our five-county region."

Hopkins said the majority of these crashes were due to inattentive driving and failure to yield. At this spot, there have been 59 crashes from 2003 to 2015, only four of those were fatal.

Keep in mind these numbers only account for crashes from a three-year period up to the year 2015, and more recent crashes could bump the casino intersection up on the list.

As this is a developing story, we’ll continue to update you when those new numbers come out.

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