Know the top five poisonous hazards inside your home

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A new local campaign to help you keep your kids safe inside your home. Members of the Lewiston Firefighters IAFF Local 1773 want to warn you about poisonous products that you may not readily know about.

The top five: hand sanitizers, button batteries, laundry detergent packets, E-cigarettes and medications.

When children get into these household items, it can pose a serious risk.

Officials say nine out of ten poisonings happen in the home.

“As emergency responders that’s the last thing we want to do is show up on a call like that where a kid has died from something that we could have prevented,” said Chris Jacks, IAFF Local 1773 President.

“Over half of the deaths of children in this country were preventable accidents that could have been preventable if we just educate people on how to prevent those things.”

One way to stay connected is using the nationwide Make It Safe app. At your fingertips, it has checklists, tips, and emergency numbers that you can keep handy.

Lewiston Firefighters Union have joined Nationwide’s “Make Safe Happen” campaign.

Starting next month and every month, the firefighters’ union will be featuring different safety and prevention tips for you.

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