Land mine donated to Goodwill found to be inactive


    A land mine found at Goodwill requires a bomb squad response.

    According to the bomb squad from Fairchild Air Force Base it’s a training device.

    It was found in a tote bag in the intake donation area of Goodwill, someone was just simply donating it.

    Moscow Police and Fire received a call at 5pm Thursday from the Goodwill store.

    The entire business complex four businesses and half the La Quinta Inn were evacuated.

    The bomb squad arrived at 8:30 pm and x-rayed the device before safely removing it from the building.

    Moscow Fire Chief Brian Nickerson tells us the device dates back to World War 2 time.

    "Found it to be training aid for land mines which are used to train new people how to detect and work around those devices so it is a training device," said Nickerson.

    The chief tells us the Spokane squad is taking the device with them back to Spokane.

    Business will continue as normal Friday for the area.

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