Latah County Sheriff's Deputy Hawkes Receives Aid from Fellow Deputies


Deputy Kenny Hawkes has gone through a long road to recovery over the past months, suffering a stroke and more medical issues. But he's returned back to work, and his fellow deputies are finding a way to help.

Last September, Latah County Deputy Kenny Hawkes woke up from an afternoon nap to pick up his daughter from school. He walked out the house to get in his truck, but was missing something.

"I come to find out I didn't even have my keys, didn't have anything to even get in my truck. So a friend of our picked up my daughter and brought her home, and that's where I was found."

When that friend dropped his daughter off, Kenny was found unconscious in front of his pickup. He had suffered a stroke, and had a brain bleed.

"I was in shock. 41 years old, I wouldn't expect myself to have a stroke."

He was taken to Gritman Medical Center for tests, then was LifeFlighted to Kootenai Medical in Couer d'Alene

"I barely even remember the time at the hospital. Gritman or Kootenai Medical."

The recovery time for a stroke can be anywhere from 6 to 12 months. Deputy Hawkes suffered a stroke back in September of 2017. But just four months later, he returned back to work. Kenny Hawkes' first day back at on the job was January 5th, just 101 days after being found unconscious outside his home. But medical bills have begun to add up. That's why his fellow deputies are coming to lend a hand.

"We're all a team here. We work a shift where we're a team and one of our big mottos is everyone always goes home. If somebody's having a problem, we go and help them out. I see this situation is no different. One of our teammates is having a problem, and we're going to help him work through it," says fellow deputy Darren Duke.

Deputies Darren Duke and Ethan Ogden organized a spaghetti feed this coming Saturday. It's all to show support for their friend and coworker.

“He means a lot. He's a very intelligent, good guy. Very nice. Would do anything for anybody," adds Ogden.

All proceeds raised at the spaghetti feed and silent auction will go towards Hawkes to help pay his remaining medical bills.

"It just shows me how strong the family is here at Latah County," says Hawkes.

The spaghetti feed is this Saturday at 5:30 PM at the Latah County Fairgrounds. There will also be a silent auction benefit, with all proceeds going to the Hawkes family. So far, over 85 local businesses have donated items to be auctioned off. Donations for the dinner are $15.00 a person, and $35.00 for a family of any size.

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