“Late Night with the Enemy” a different alternative for Halloween


Halloween is fast approaching, and Crosspoint Church is offering a different option for teens, than trick or treating, or going out with friends. They are hosting a play called Late Night with the Enemy. And the whole point isn't just fun and games... But education as well.

"Late Night with the Enemy, is kind of like a Jimmy Fallon type show except, the host is the enemy," said writer of the show and children’s pastor, Frank Webster. He came up with the idea to host teens for Halloween, and the weekend leading up to it. "We wanted to offer something for our youth to do that weekend because there is nothing going on this weekend and we all know if we don't have something they will fill in the void."

The premise of the play is a talk show, but the people on it made a life choice that landed them in a bad place. "They are true life stories about all the bad choices and tough choices that some of our kids are making in our valley." It runs the viewers through the stories of people who have been through hardships and didn't always make it out all right, but the idea for the show came from a tragic story that impacted frank. "A young girl died a year and a half ago and one of the stories is loosely based on her life," he explained.

Late Night with the Enemy is a high intensity drama that deals with serious plot lines. "We're trying to offer them an opportunity to make better choices and to be able to talk with community leaders and to be able to help them through some of these things." But it isn't all serious. There are many points of comedic relief in the play. And Frank said the goal is to give kids an educational option that will keep them out of harm’s way on Halloween. "We want our kids to make great choices and so in that, we are presenting honest stories, that our kids can glean from."

Late Night with the Enemy runs from October 27th through the 31st... And starts at 7:00 p.m. Due to the subject matter anyone 12 years and older is welcome

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