Lawmakers Try for More Regulation in Microblading


Lawmakers in Washington State are pushing for training requirements for those wanting to practice microblading, a form of facial tattooing. Microblading involves taking a row of tiny needles and using them to slice the face and insert pigment, permanently tattooing on eyebrows.

Washington Representative Cindy Ryu introduced HB 2369, which would require 100 hours of training, among other things.

The bill didn't pass this legislative session, but advocates like Karly Rose, owner of Karly's Permanent Cosmetics in Lewiston, are still urging lawmakers to look at regulation.

Rose addressed a business and finance committee back in January, "I can slice color into your skin creating beautiful eyebows, those of us trained well do a great job, but in Washington State I can do this with not one hour of training in permanent cosmetics."

Representative Ryu has said she will be reintroducing the bill during the next legislative session.

Rose says she also wants more regulation in Idaho.

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