LC Valley Fire Chiefs’ talk Fire Prevention after fire destroys RV


Winter is the time of year that house fires are most prevalent in our region. This week, in North Lewiston, that was proven when a fire destroyed an RV.

Local officials are warning of the risk of house fires this winter. While talking to Asotin County Fire District #1 Chief, Noel Hardin about those dangers a mutual aid response was dispatched for fire for an RV fire in North Lewiston.

At the scene, Lewiston Fire Chief Travis Myklebust said, "We don't know the cause but we've had other RV fires recently, with igniting furnaces, space heaters those types of things.

And over in Asotin County, "We had a chimney fire last week," explained Chief Hardin.

Chimney fires can easily spread... Igniting the rest of your house, but there are ways to prevent them. "On a wood stove you want to make sure chimneys are cleaned every year," said Chief Hardin. He also said to avoid burning paper and cardboard, "it can actually create more problems with your chimney and build up in there which will create then a chimney fire."

Another danger are space heaters. "Space heaters are one of the leading causes of fires in the winter time," he said. But there's a safe way to use them. "If something happens and it gets tipped over, it has an automatic shut off on it. You want to keep it away from clothing, curtains anything that's flammable,” said chief Hardin.

He also said to make sure you have working smoke detectors... And carbon monoxide detectors

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