LC Valley Remembers 9/11 by Holding Annual Silent Procession


Sixteen years ago, almost every American watch as planes were flown by terrorists into the World Trade Center.

Two of four planes flown into the Twin Towers, another crashing into the Pentagon in Washington D.C., and a fourth headed for presumably Washington D.C. as well, taken down by passengers in rural Pennsylvania.

2,996 people died.

And although our region is over 2,500 miles away, many will never forget.

“We don’t forget. We may be one of the quiet people, but when it gets down to it, we’re there. Every one of us is there,” says Vietnam veteran Larry “Doc” Kinney.

Lewiston, Clarkston, Asotin, the Palouse, and almost every other city in the region remembers September 11th by holding its annual procession of first responders.

“It changed the nation, and so to have people come out and honor what happened that day is really special,” says Asotin County Fire Chief Noel Hardin.

The silent procession brought first responders from all over.

With flags waiving high, some families in the community say they feel safer when they see the first responders drive past.

“9/11 is important because when everyone was running away from disaster, our firefighters, our police officers, they were running in to save lives,” says onlooker Brittany Wood.

She says that message is something every American, whether alive sixteen years ago or not, should remember and give all their thanks for.

Most also told me that despite the somberness of the event, they were cheerful that they could honor the heroes on the streets.

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