Lewiston City Council discuss bond options for new fire station


Lewiston Fire Department Station, #4, is over 40 years old. Fire Chief, Travis Myklebust said it is in disrepair and will cost the city thousands to fix. But the plans to build a new station are coming to fruition, and he says it's the solution they've all been hoping for.

At a work session held by Lewiston City Council, Chief Myklebust presented the plans for a brand new station #4. "Looking down the road, I say this is a 50-60-year station and that is truly what it is," he said, the new station affords many new necessities, that aren't in the current station. Some examples: a training room, multiple bathrooms, a fitness room. But one of the biggest improvements comes to the long term health and safety of the fire fighters. "One of the things in our station today is that crews are openly exposed to diesel exhaust, and that is a huge cancer causing agent in the fire service," Chief Myklebust explained.

The new station will have exhaust extractors in the apparatus bays, where the emergency response vehicles are kept. "My goal is everyone goes home at the end of the shift, but they also need to go home at the end of their career," he said.

On top of the benefits to crews, there's another benefit that could drastically benefit the public. "It will improve response times to the country club and the Elk’s area, that is our under serviced area in the entire community, and we will improve response times by a minute and 11 seconds to that."

He said response times will also improve by over a minute to the central orchards as well as the Bedrock Plaza. "We be able to provide better service to our community with this station."

The station is estimated to cost around 3-million and 20-thousand dollars. The council discussed bond options to pay the costs, over several years.

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