Lewiston-Clarkston Bridge Jumper


In Clarkston Monday quite a commotion around the blue bridge when a man decided to jump off and go swimming.

The initial call was for a person who jumped off the bridge and four different agencies responded.

The Asotin county Sheriff tells me they never know the circumstance around a call like this so bring all their resources.

Clarkston Fire Department's Marine One rescue team fished the man out of the water.

He told them he jumped just for fun.

Asotin County Sheriff John Hilderbrand says while the air temperature is hot and the water could be warm there are strong currents underneath.

Deputies took Uniontown resident Howard Crawford into custody because it's actually against the law to jump from a bridge in Washington State.

"We try to discourage the jumping from the bridge and even if they think it's a way to cool off they can injure themselves or we get the calls and we're tying up our resources," said Hilderbrand.

Today's resources were four different departments.

The sheriff said Crawford will be charged with a misdemeanor of disorderly Conduct.

He's been booked into the Asotin County Jail.

Not too long ago first responders were at the same location when a boy climbed the bridge and something fell onto his head.

He wasn't seriously hurt but again the sheriff says just stay off the bridge.

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