Lewiston Fire Department hiring reserve firefighters


Lewiston Fire Department is looking to hire reserve firefighters. It's a multifaceted job... That chief Travis Myklebust said is well worth the effort, but he also admits., it's not for everyone.

"A reserve firefighter fills a vacancy in our department," said Chief Myklebust. They fill in, usually working a 24-hour shift once a week. “They're going to do the duties whether they're on the fire engine or they're on an ambulance, they are going to assume the roles of what a full time fire fighter would be."

To become a reserve firefighter, you must go through a rigorous process. First the application, if they select you, then a written test. "From there, we will invite the people next, to the physical agility test,” he said. It's a timed test, filled the intense physical feats. “It's from packing hose, dragging a dummy, climbing up latter’s, pulling hose so some upper body strength."

If you make it past the physical agility test, there are interviews. This part... Chief Myklebust says is to figure out how you interact with other people. "You have to be a team player. If you can't be a team player and get along with others, you won't make it through the interview process," he explained.

Chief Myklebust admits, the process is hard, but it's not unwarranted. This jobs not for everyone. "You're going to be exposed to some very stressful situations, physical stress and emotional stress,” said Chief Myklebust. The job entails working with people in traumatic situations. "That's what your crews deal with each and every day, they go in and they see things. They see children they see these environments and for some that's tough to adjust to." He said it takes a specific type of person to succeed in that atmosphere. "What we're looking for is the drive that physical fitness ability, wants to work in this type of environment and can really fit in."

But through it all, Chief Myklebust said the job, is worth it. "You're going to someone who to them, is having the worst day in their life. It is our job to make that day a little bit better. That's an amazing feeling, you don't get that in a lot of other jobs."

To be eligible you must have a high school diploma or GED, and either be a certified EMT or be signed up for certification classes.

To sign up or for more information, click here.

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