Lewiston Fire tackle several small brush fires

burnt hillside.jpg

Extreme temperatures heading into triple digits again this week and our local fire danger is extremely high.

Right around noon Monday, a resident reported smoke and flames coming up from the hillside along New 6th Street in downtown Lewiston. The location was just behind Community Action Foodbank and an apartment complex. Lewiston fire crews found a small brush fire burning and knocked it down quickly.

Fire crews were also called to the levee bike path behind the Pepsi Cola plant on 1st Avenue North. It’s not known what caused this small fire in the rocks along banks of the Clearwater River.

Fire crews in the Quad-Cities are wasting no time responding to brush fires because they know the risk all too well. What’s interesting about wildfire season is that it takes a dangerous amount of simple chemistry. It could be the wrong place, at the wrong time, in the wrong weather that creates a recipe for disaster.

The ninth street grade fire that continuously sparked up weeks ago, the environment paired with the weather was a struggle for crews. Lewiston Fire Chief Travis Myklebust said areas like these, the fire can burn down to the soil and come right back up creating unforeseen hotspots, even days later. The chief said grass that burns uphill makes it harder for them to fight. Between the overgrown brush and litter left by homeless populations it makes it that much harder.

"Access becomes extremely difficult and then being able to control the fire becomes difficult because there's so much fuel,” Chief Myklebust said. “Even though yeah, this is green this will burn like crazy.

You can tell inside of it...all of that dry stuff is just going to go up very quickly."

Chief Myklebust said on this particular fire, they had to use the least amount of water as possible because even the water could’ve created another problem.

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