Lewiston Mayor Kleeburg opinion on the Greg Follett situation

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City councilors discussed putting Greg Follett back on the Historic Preservation Committee at Monday’s meeting. It was a surprise discussion brought up by Mayor Jim Kleeburg.

Mayor Jim Kleeburg brought up his concerns in a surprise discussion at the end of Monday night’s city council meeting. He said that the decision to remove Greg Follett from the Historic Preservation Commission was “handled poorly”.

The move was initiated by councilor Jesse Maldonado three weeks prior, and eventually led to Follett temporarily dropping out of the city council race.

Kleeburg said quote, “orchestrating this without prior notice to the public, the commission, or even the council was in poor taste.”

Councilor R.J. Johnson agreed, saying even though he voted to remove Follett, he later regretted the decision and asked council to reconsider the decision. Johnson called the move an “ambush” and said it was inappropriate that Bob Blakey and Mayor pro tem Mike Collins, two council members who are up for reelection, didn’t abstain from voting.

The issue was tabled until the November 13 meeting, after the election.

KLEW News spoke to Greg Follett about his reconsideration. Follett said he’s already reapplied, but doesn’t understand the way city council is treating the situation.

“I do appreciate the fact that the city council has reconsidered putting me on the Historic Preservation Commission. I don’t understand why they can’t just put me back on as quickly as they took me off the commission,” explained Follett.

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