Lewiston Police Officers Won't Carry Naloxone


As debate surrounding the opioid epidemic rages on, a decision has been made regarding local law enforcement.

Lewiston police officers will not be carrying naloxone - at least for now.

Lewiston City Councilor Bob Blakey asked that the item come up for discussion at Monday's city council work session, saying the council has an obligation to those with drug addictions to look into this option.

Chief Chris Ankeny says based on his research and talks with Fire Chief Travis Myklebust, he doesn't see a need for his officers to carry naloxone.

Some of his reasons included a $42 cost per kit and the added costs of training officers to use the drug.

Chief Ankeny says, "I think it comes down to storage of the drug to make sure that it's potent when it's administered. [And it] comes down to training. When we have a fire department that does respond to all medical calls and are usually there, if not before us, then seconds afterward."

While both Asotin city and county police officers started carrying naloxone last month, Clarkston Police do not.

Chief Ankeny says it comes down to response time. County departments serve remote areas and may have greater response times than EMS providers.

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