Lewiston Supercross future up in air after contract not renewed


    EC Enterprises and the Lewiston Roundup are no longer under contract with one another. The Roundup board's decision to terminate the contract came down last Wednesday. The board is calling it a business decision, but EC Enterprises says otherwise.

    "It's kind of a shock. To say it hurts , it is what it is, business is business, but at the same time, I feel that we were a great asset to each other," says Eric Christiansen, owner of EC Enterprises.

    Lewiston Roundup board president Eric Hasenoehrl says it's strictly about money.

    "The round up board just made a business decision to go in a different direction," he says.

    Christiansen says the board told him they weren't making money off him, a claim to which he disagrees. He says he also feels betrayed.

    "Take the event that I built, and for lack of better words, steal it or take it and run it for themselves," says Christiansen.

    The Roundup plans on joining the Crashmania Series with events in Dayton, Walla Walla, Franklin and Benton Counties, as well as Lewiston.

    "It allows drivers to not only win events at each of the locations, but also become a high point winner where they can win more money," says Hasenoehrl.

    Christiansen says the root of his frustration is because of a gentleman's agreement that he says wasn't followed.

    "They came to me and said hey if you're ever going to think about leaving, we need a year's notice so we can make a plan, and I immediately asked for the same."

    Hasenoehrl says the board wasn't aware of the agreement, saying "Yeah, I had not heard that, it didn't come up in the discussions at the board level. So I guess I'm just not aware of that."

    Christiansen says he isn't going away from the LC Valley just yet.

    "Successful people in town that are interested and they're quite angry about how this went down," he says.

    The board says top quality entertainment is at their highest priority, but a possible reunion between the two isn't out of the question.

    "I certainly understand where he's at. We hope there's no hard feelings," says Hasenoehrl.

    The Roundup board's decision to not renew the contract was unanimous. Despite five supercross events by EC Entertainment in 2018, the board says it just wasn't as successful as they had hoped.

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