LFD digs out old tradition to get students excited for fire safety


Friday marks the last day of Fire Prevention Week.

This year's theme was "Every Second Counts: Plan Two Ways Out."

The Lewiston Fire Department digs out an old tradition to get kids roped in on the fun.

One of several messages on fire safety at LFD’s presentation at Orchards Elementary was “Stop, Drop, Cover, and Roll.”

Engineer Andy Ockwell and Volunteer Linda Giffords were clowns named Ferno and Blaze for the day teaching students how to properly put on a seatbelt and why a wearing a helmet is always better.

They even had some help from the crowd to show how tall you have to be to sit in a booster seat.

Fire chief Travis Myklebust says presentations like these have really made a difference in the past.

"These students are like sponges so what we hope is that they take it back and they go home and talk to their parents. That creates the conversation that continues to expand," Chief Myklebust said.

The idea of using clowns for the presentation came from Myklebust himself who says the characters are just more fun for the students.

The department had been putting on the show for 12 years before Myklebust retired his character six years ago.

He decided to pick it back up several years ago all in an effort to continue to make sure students are ready if there is a fire.

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