Licensing Offices Experiencing Problems Statewide


Licensing offices across Idaho have been closed across the state for the past few days, and officials say it could be because of a new software. Driver's licensing offices have been going through changes recently. But one of their recent changes is causing their doors to be closed.

On Monday, the Idaho Transportation Department upgraded licensing software across the state. That's when ITD started noticing issues with computers. On Monday, all county licensing offices were closed except for Ada and Canyon counties. Some more still opened up later in the week, but most are still closed.

Latah County Sheriff’s sergeant Doug Anderson says the problem likely started with the new software, but state officials still aren’t sure. They still aren’t sure when offices will reopen.

The Latah County licensing office is still closed and locked up, but the DMV across from it is still up and running. Law enforcement says folks shouldn’t be worried about expired licenses because they know about the issues.

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