Life guards are key to summer safety


A local life guard saved not one but two kids from drowning last week. Both of those saves happened in a matter of minutes.

Lane VanHorn is a life guard at the Asotin County Family Aquatic Center for his second year.

"It makes me feels pretty good to like know I helped someone and know they're safe," said Lane.

Last week while Lane was on duty he noticed something in the wave pool.

"I see a little boy like start to struggle and he's calling out, like ‘help me’," said Lane.

That's when Lane jumped into action.

"The first you're supposed to do is triple tweet on your whistle to alert the other life guards," said Lane. "I got the three tweets in, and then it was an adrenaline rush."

He jumped into the water and pulled the boy to safety.

"I got him out, and then I got back on stand and we started the waves, and then a different little boy starts struggling," said Lane.

Lane once again jumped in to save this second boy.

That was two saves in one day, what’s more, that same week he saved another two people.

"The other two saves were actually like simultaneously,” said Lane. “There were two girls trying to keep each other up, but they couldn't so I had to grab both of them at the same time."

After all that, Lane saved four people from potentially drowning in just one week. And for him that feels pretty good.

"I was kind of proud of myself for being like alert," said Lane.

And he wants people to know that life guards don't want to spoil the fun but their job is to keep you safe.

"I personally don't like yelling at little kids, but like in order to keep them safe, they have to know the rules, and we just want everyone to have fun around here," said Lane.

Lane said some tips for people out on the water this summer is to trust your instincts, stay in water where you're comfortable and don't go too deep. And he said wearing a life jacket is crucial for those who aren't strong swimmers.

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