Lincoln Middle School Message Tree Speaks Volumes

message tree.jpg

The walkout wasn’t the only event taking place at Lincoln Middle School Wednesday morning. Some activities related to the protest were planned by school administrators.

Students at Lincoln Middle School in Clarkston started their day a little different by listening to all 17 of the Parkland, Florida school shooting victims’ names over the loud speaker.

“You could just feel the building and feel the sense just kinda quiet down, the voices quieted down,” said Deanne Ruddell, Lincoln Middle School Asst. Principal. “They had lives and they had families. I think that was pretty impactful for the kids.”

Students also showed their condolences to the shooting victims, as well as show support to their fellow classmates. This tree in the hallway speaks volumes. “It honors them by telling them that we care about them and they really mean a lot to everyone,” said student.

Messages written on the hearts. Quotes from Martin Luther King Junior, messages saying gun violence in schools has gone too far, and see something say something.

“It’s better to say something and be wrong, than to not say anything and say gosh, I should’ve…I should’ve,” said Ruddell.

The handwritten notes, all created to both honor students….and send a message. “Because they were people too and they have lives,” said student. “And they shouldn’t have been killed for something that they didn’t do.” Another student said, “So that you know that you’re here and you’re safe, and you’re noticed.”

While Wednesday’s walkouts centered on gun control, school administration say the tree isn’t about firearms.

“It’s not so much about gun control or school safety things, as much as treating each other with kindness,” said Ruddell.

So far around 200 notes have been written and put on the tree.

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