Local Blood Donations for Las Vegas Shooting Victims


Just hours after the tragic shooting in Las Vegas, hundreds of people lined up to donate blood at Vegas blood banks. Donors lined up as early as 2 A.M. at some centers, a full five hours before they opened.

That need to give back was also felt here at home. The Inland Northwest Blood Center was overwhelmed with calls and walk-ins on Monday.

INBC sent 55 units of blood to sister centers in Las Vegas. But they say it's the blood on the shelves that saves lives - especially in emergencies like this.

That's why INBC is asking for the community to come together right now to donate. But they want to be able to efficiently handle an influx in donations.

Marketing and communications specialist Tesia Hummer says, "We've received so many people coming in today and calling in asking how they can help and the most important thing we are asking people to consider is making an appointment, maybe for later this week. While everyone wants to help today because this just happened, the important thing is to remember is that blood is a constant need. It takes about two days to test every unit."

Hummer said right now they're replenishing their supply both for local use and in case more blood is needed in Vegas.

You can easily make appointments online at

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