Computer Guy finds themselves in spoofing scam


A local company that is usually in the business of protecting people from scams, just found themselves in the middle of one. Now they have some tips to help prevent others from falling for them.

Last week, Sarah Souvee, with The Computer Guy, came into work and noticed they had several angry voicemails. "We had a lot of angry phone calls, a lot of angry messages from people thinking that it was us calling trying to collect this information,” she said.

Confused for a moment, knowing that no one at The Computer Guy had called and demanded information from anyone, Sara realized what was going on. "Our phone number was spoofed,” she said, “So basically scammers used our phone number to show up on caller ID.

Sara said, unfortunately this isn't that uncommon, "People are more likely to answer phone calls from a local number. So they used our telephone number as the call back number so that's what people were seeing on their telephone when they picked it up. And then they were demanding information, saying there were credit card problems, things like that."

What's more unsettling? The Computer Guy, is a company that helps prevent people from falling victim to scams and viruses. So learning they were used in a spoofing scam... was hard to swallow. "For us it's a frustration, It’s an inconvenience, but really that's small potatoes compared to someone giving out information, maybe losing their retirement, or their life savings because they've given out information to the wrong people."

Sara has one simple tip to preventing this from happening to you, "When people call don't give out your personal information. This is not our company, we apologize that you're experiencing this, but don't fall victim to it."

Sara says, if you get a call from someone demanding information or money, never just give it to them. Hang up, look up the person or company and find a legitimate contact number and verify if this is really a request from them.

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