Local paranormal investigator shares insights on the 'unexplained'

K2 meter can detect electromagnetic energy.

In the field of paranormal investigation, finding evidence to support the theory that ghosts and spirits exist is everything.

But debunking is just as important. That's why you see many paranormal investigators use what they call is a scientific approach with technology to help them decipher between logic and the unexplained.

Lewiston resident and paranormal investigator Michael Carle, Jr. showed us what he uses on a location.

"Audio is a big part of paranormal investigation," he said, holding up a digital recorder.

He also has a laser grid, which displays green dots onto walls. The laser grid is believed to pick up the outline of something that walks in front of it, even if you can't see it with the naked eye.

Michael's infrared camera enables him to see in the dark. His K2 meter can detect electromagnetic energy which is the energy ghosts are believed to generate.

He also has a thermal camera. "A lot of times the spirits would manifest heat signatures around the air," he explained.

During our interview inside the KLEW studio, Michael believes he caught something we didn't hear with our own ears. That is known as an electronic voice phenomenon or EVP.

But I'll come back to that in a bit.

First, I wanted to know what Michael would say to skeptics who don't believe in the paranormal.

"What I would say to skeptics is that if you don't have your own experience then it's really had to believe in it," he answered.

Michael grew up in the LC Valley and his own childhood experiences opened him up to the field.

"I lived on G street here in Lewiston," he said. "We had lights turning on and off, we had things flying off the mantel, sounds of children running up and down the hallway upstairs when everybody was downstairs."

He said as a child he was terrified. But as he got older, he realized there wasn't much to fear.

Michael has been investigating the paranormal for several years now.

He spent part of his life living in Phoenix Arizona and became part of the Crossing Over Paranormal Society Crew (COPS Crew).

The COPS Crew was founded by noted paranormal investigators Jay and Marie Yates, whom you may have seen on various ghost hunting TV shows. Their newest show 'Haunted Case Files' is airing November 18th on the Travel Channel.

The Yates speak highly of Michael.

"He's both Marie and I's personal audio analyst," Jay said.

That means the Yates sends their audio recordings to Michael from whatever location they investigate and Michael will listen to hours of audio clips, listening for any unexplained voices or noises are captured.

"He is an amazing person, an amazing investigator and it's been amazing having him on our team," Marie added.

Among the many investigations Michael has under his belt, is the one of the Sunkist Factory in Mesa, Arizona with the COPS Crew.

"Hands down most haunted place I ever been," Michael said.

The Sunkist Factory is said to be one of Arizona's most haunted.

"We all saw this shadow go across the corridor, block a window and then just disappear," he told me.

Investigators admit it is a thrill to capture evidence of what's believed to be paranormal activity. But there is also another side to it: helping others.

Once upon a time, the Yates themselves were being affected.

“It became very sinister to the point of we couldn't sleep," Jay said. "There was footsteps down the hallway when we walked, there was lights turning on and off, cabinet doors slamming, doors slamming, it just got to the point where it was just too much."

The couple fought back and conquered it by leaning on their faith. Then they made a vow.

"We were going to go on and help other families that were struggling as we once did," Jay explained. "So when other people were saying no, we were going to say yes."

Here in Lewiston, Michael has also helped out. Last summer, he investigated a home on Idaho Street at the request of the family who rented it. That family claimed they were being attacked daily by a negative entity.

The results of his investigation is posted on his YouTube channel under his nickname 'Micah Faine' as well as a previous KLEW News piece about it.

The renters quickly moved out of the home.

As for the EVP Michael believes he caught on his digital recorder inside our KLEW studio, he hears the word 'no' after he asks the question "Do you know what year it is?".

I listened to it, too.

I heard something but couldn't tell you what it was. But I do know this: the hairs on my arms stood up when he played it back.

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