Local Vet Group Retiring


In May 1951, units in the 148th Field Artillery Battalion were mobilized to go to the Korean War. The battalion, headquartered in Coeur 'd Alene, had batteries in Moscow and Lewiston. A group of those veterans participates in ceremonies and events in the valley. But with their rising age, the group has had to slow down.

At age 18, Boyd Pedersen joined the military. Just a short time later in 1951, his unit was mobilized to fight with the 148th Field Artillery Battalion in the Korean War conflict.

"We were initially mobilized for 18 months, and then they added a year to our time, and we ended up basically with a two-year service."

Ever since the war ended, the group has stayed together. They participate in parades, and Veteran’s Day ceremonies for years, but age catches up with even the best of us.

"All of our people are getting up in age, and so it's just a time when we're mostly retiring."

Pedersen is 85 years old right now, and he says his age is just average for the group. One member is turning 99 in October and is also a World War II veteran. But even though the group is retiring from parades and ceremonies, they still plan on having their weekly Monday get together for coffee.

Boyd Pedersen knows his life moving forward will be noticeably different now that he's officially retiring. Looking back on his career post military and what the group has done for him, he’s thankful for every second.

"You miss the people that you don’t ever get to see anymore. I always enjoyed doing these things ever since I retired from the military. It's kind of kept me up to date with what's going on, so we've enjoyed that. But it comes a time when it's just time to quit, and that's what we're doing."

The group met up Monday night for one last hurrah together at a pizza dinner to send them off to retirement. They do still however plan on meeting up for coffee every Monday.

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