Looking Back on Lewiston's Snowiest December

FIRST SNOW 2017.jpg

The Lewis-Clark Valley woke up to a surprise Wednesday morning - the first snow. But it went as quickly as it came.

Barely more than a heavy frost, it was nothing compared to what we'd already experienced by this time last year.

"I've heard words thrown around like apocolyptic winter," one woman said of 2016's surprising snowfall.

According to the National Weather Service, Lewiston recorded its snowiest December on record with 19.7 inches in 2016. By December 6th, we'd already had our first taste of winter weather, with the strongest storms coming on the 14th and 15th.

"I feel it's getting harder and harder to get to work every day," one man said.

You'll remember the frustrating commutes and bundling up to fight the freezing temperatures, not to mention the windstorms.

"When you hit the snowdrifts you lose your traction. We just have a lot of people going into the ditch with the traction issues," a Nez Perce County Sheriff's deputy said as he directed traffic around a closed area.

Several streets, including Barr Road, had to be closed due to icy conditions and dangerous snow drifts. Wind gusts of up to 50 miles per hour were recorded.

One woman said, "I've never seen weather like this in the winter here."

By December 19th, those strong winds had melted most of the snow, but by Christmas Eve, it was back again. In January, temperatures were so cold, much of the Clearwater River was covered in a layer of ice. Thankfully this year, the first snow didn't come with a huge headache.

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