LPD Investigating Explosive Device Left at Hotel


Lewiston police say it was a real explosive device that was discovered at a Lewiston hotel. They need your help tracking down the person who left it there.

Police were called to the Day's Inn in North Lewiston on Saturday a little after 1 P.M., after hotel employees found an oblong device with a fuse sticking out.

The Spokane bomb squad destroyed the device, which appears to have been a mortar firework wrapped in electrical tape.

Lewiston Police Sergeant Rick Fuentes says this was a concerning find, especially so close to a hotel entrance.

Sgt. Fuentes said, "Because if that thing would've blown up, it has the potential that it could've hurt the person that set it off or any innocent bystander that may have been in that proximity."

Sgt. Fuentes says they've sent evidence to the state lab for DNA and fingerprint testing.

If you have any information in this incident, you're asked to call Lewiston Police at 208-746-0171 or call the anonymous tip line at (208) 748-2746.

In Idaho, unlawful use or intent to use an explosive device is punishable by up to a $25,000 fine and life in prison.

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