Man Raises Diabetes Awareness with Hidden Messages


Imagine having to prick yourself with a needle before every meal or knowing exactly how many carbs are in what you eat.

For the more than 100 million American adults living with diabetes, that's a reality.

Mark Miller's girlfriend has been living with diabetes for 12 years. He says every day he watches her test her insulin levels, and once had to call paramedics when her blood sugar levels left her unresponsive.

Miller says this common disease is often misunderstood. Now he's raising awareness during Diabetes Awareness Month. He's leaving little treasures in the form of painted rocks, in hopes they will spark a conversation.

"Pictures that people post of finding them, the smiles on their faces, a lot of people see that. So we thought it would be a good idea for this month to paint rocks and hide them for everyone to find. It's a very common disease unfortunately and there is a lack of awareness out there. It needs to be out there more. And be more mainstream and get more attention."

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