Memorial Day Latah County


Every Memorial Day the Moscow Veterans of Foreign Wars and American Legion put up flags at Moscow Cemetery.

These are not ordinary flags, each flag is a casket flag given to the groups by family to fly one day a year. Attached to the poles are the replica dog tags of the fallen soldier.

One member of the VFW does this as a way to pay to tribute to all his friends that never made it home. Sergeant George Stockton enlisted in the Army and spent three years in Vietnam with Special Forces A Team. "It's a hard time for me thinking about each one of the guys that I knew very well that did not come home," Stockton said.

He helps with services because he feels this provided the homecoming him and many other soldiers never received.

"The political climate a lot of it was blamed or their feelings were transferred to the returning soldiers so when I came back I pretty much kept my head down and got on with my life," Stockton said.

There was also a memorial service at the Latah County Fairgrounds.

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