Moorage booked through 2021 for American Empress

cruiseship better.jpg

The cruise line industry is growing across the nation, including right here in the LC Valley. Port of Clarkston officials said that the American Empress has booked moorage through 2021. The Empress has been coming to our area since 2014, and it’s contracted to keep coming back. This steamboat is the largest one you will see on the docks at over 360 feet in length.

Last year, Port of Clarkston officials said six different cruise lines came to the Port of Clarkston. And that translates into a big boost for our local economy. “Passengers coming up the river bring in about an average of $2 million every year as an economic benefit that’s $120.00 per-passenger per-day making a tremendous contribution to the local economy,” said Port Manager, Wanda Keefer.

Leaders from the American Queen Steamboat company will be in town meeting with leaders from Lewiston and Clarkston to talk about improving the passenger and tourists experience, and more economic opportunities, as they plan for the future.

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