More than Three Businesses Hit in Suspected Burglary Spree


Several Lewiston business owners opened up shop on Monday to a terrible discovery. They were all the victims of a suspected crime spree.

Not one, not two, but three businesses reported break-ins on Monday.

Lewiston police say this isn't something they see often. Now they need your help to find whoever is responsible for what is likely a weekend burglary binge.

Lewiston Police Lt. Jeff Klone says, "This wasn't vandalism. They didn't just go in and destroy stuff. Looks like they went in, went right to where the money was at, got the money and got out."

It looks as if someone spent Saturday night busting into and stealing from businesses in North Lewiston. It appears to be a burglary spree committed by one person.

Lt. Klone says, "They appear very similar. We don't have video from all of them so we can't say with 100% certainty, but the time frame, the method and things indicate that this probably is related somehow."

One thing that links all these cases - the suspect used some type of pry bar to force open the doors.

"In one of the instances, they actually used a power tool that was left outside to try and gain entry, " Lt. Klone says.

Another link - these businesses are all within walking distance and the crimes appear to have been committed in short time frame. Lieutenant Klone says from what they've seen, this isn't a first-time burglar.

Lt. Klone says, "We don't get a lot of burglaries where there's forced entry like this. Looking at how quickly on the one video where he went right to the register, knew what buttons to hit to get it to open, leads us to believe this person either has committed this type of crime before or is familiar with these locations."

And it looks as if the same burglar didn't take a day of rest after Saturday's break-ins.

Lt. Klone says, "We did have another burglary, similar type, on East Main Street. That one would've occurred, it looks like Sunday night. And might have been another one or two on sunday night with the similar type entry and similar type items taken."

As of Tuesday, these cases were still open and police had no suspects.

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