Moscow Fire Department Student Resident Program


The Moscow Fire Department is made up of volunteers and 20 of those volunteers are students.

Students can be from any college or community college in the area and must maintain a 2.5 grade point average.

"They are required to go through a fire academy when they start and they work one shift every five days during the school semester so if there is a holiday they get the holiday off for spring break, Christmas break and so forth," Chief Brian Nickerson said.

But they have to balance school, training and responding to calls.

Dustin Doan is finishing his second year in the program and currently attends University of Idaho.

"It's a little bit tough to balance this and school but you find the time to get your schoolwork done but it definitely teaches you time management skills,” Doan said.

Students live for free at the fire station, gaining experience to jump start a career.

"I want to be a fire fighter have a career in firefighting, and this is one of the best stepping stones you could have to reaching that career you want to have for the rest of your life."

Because this kind of program gives students a glimpse into what their life might be like as a firefighter.

"We're all a family we work together we eat together we live together so having unity and having great relationships is what it's all about," Doan said.

And according to the chief they average 6.6 calls a day which keeps them busy. So they need all the help they can get.

There are only four spaces left and the last time to test is June 9th. To apply pick up an application online at the City of Moscow website or pick one up from a station. There will be a physical agility test and then a follow-up interview.

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