Moscow Food Pantry Neighbors Helping Neighbors

moscow pantry.jpg

In Moscow, locals opened a makeshift food pantry. The “Connie Driver Little Free Pantry” isn’t your normal food pantry. This pantry tries to bring everyone together, and stays open and unlocked at all times so people can receive whatever help they may need. The pantry is next to the Les Schwab on White Avenue.

“It’s a small token to the community that we want to give back," said Polly Walker. "There’s need here and we want to help that need just a little bit.”

The pantry is named after the late Connie Driver. Driver’s family said she lived by the Bahia teachings that everything one does in life should be to help others. Connie’s husband and daughter are overwhelmed seeing her helping hands live on.

“Connie spent her life doing things for people all over the world,” said Connie’s husband, Toney Driver. “And whenever I would try to talk about the things that she would do, she got angry with me because she didn’t want the words to be the important part, she wanted the deeds to be the important part.”

Driver and Walker encourage everyone in Moscow to donate food and supplies to the pantry.

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