Moscow Group Warns against Pesticides


One Moscow group is trying to inform the community about the dangers of pesticide use. According to the latest estimates from the Environmental Protection Agency, over one billion tons of pesticides are used in the United States every year.

This region is no different. When it comes to kids, Moscow sustainable environment commission member Carly Lilly says the issue is even more pressing

“The body burden on these children that are growing up playing and living in these saturated toxic cocktail of compounds is really concerning," Lilly says.

Lilly presented the dangers of pesticide use to a group of around 70 in Moscow on Wednesday. She says certain foods that most kids eat, like Cherrios cereal and Oreos, are made from ingredients that have dangerous levels of poisons that can lead to obesity, cancer, and in some extreme cases, death. She says the producers of the pesticides need to make a change.

“The regulatory agencies are not standing in the way to protect the people. I don’t know if it's gone too far," Lilly adds.

One man at the meeting commented on those regulatory agencies’ disregard for safety. He asked not to be named.

“I see it as poison, I see poison as something we should keep far from us, that's why we call it poison. It's usually labelled with a skull and crossbones, because this thing could kill you," he says.

For him, the effects of pesticides hit home.

“I have a daughter that was born underweight at 5 pounds and prematurely."

Although he can’t confirm if pesticides were the exact cause, he believes they played a role. Lilly is pushing for organic products instead of pesticide use to protect children and families. She hopes that a focus of upcoming city election campaigns will be on pesticide safety.

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