Moscow is first city in Idaho to rename Columbus Day holiday

columbus day pic.jpg

The Moscow City Council voted Monday night to rename Columbus Day as “Indigenous Peoples’ Day.”

The 5 to 1 vote came just one week away from the holiday on October 9th.

Moscow Human Rights Commission, Chair Ken Faunce said the name change needs to happen.

"Columbus is a symbol to Native American groups of slavery, massacres, genocides, violence,” Faunce explained. “All of these kinds of things, so we want to change it for that symbolic reason, that it honors Native Americans.”

Faunce added that the fact that Moscow sits on Nez Perce land, among other tribes who used to live in the area, should make the decision to change the name even easier.

Faunce explained, "We wanted to show that this was Native land first, and we came here second, so we wanted to honor them for that."

The commission has voted to change Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples’ Day, saying ‘that’ name gives respect to the people who Columbus senselessly murdered.

"The other reason we're pushing it is Columbus himself,” said Faunce. “He shouldn’t have a holiday, he shouldn’t be a hero because he was a mass murderer, he was an abuser, he was a slaver, a sexual slaver, selling people as young as age 10 into the sex trade."

Many Native American groups the commission spoke with also said they are thankful the name will be changed.

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