Moscow Police, school officials investigate reports of planned shooting


Superintendent Greg Bailey says a few parents pulled their kids out of school today and they will have extra police presence on April 18th.

Dr. Bailey says officials learned of this school threat this morning at 9 a.m.

The threat was a planned school shooting on April 18th, but there was no school specifically targeted.

Moscow police got that tip and told the school district.

At the same time police launched an investigation and tracked down the suspect.

He's a 26-year old man and he was cited.

Dr. Bailey said, “it’s frustrating with our schools kind of being the target right now it's every superintendent every teachers every parent concern."

Lieutenant Lanier said, “we already started our increased police presence we had officers around the school when they were getting out today and we'll have officers around the school tomorrow morning."

Dr. Bailey says every parent will be receiving an email about this situation tonight with updated information and a plan for the schools.

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