Multi million dollar project not expected to add to WSU debt

    New baseball facility approved by WSU regents.jpg

    Despite budget woes for WSU’s athletic department, the Washington State University Board of Regents approved a $10-million project for a brand new baseball facility.

    To date, the athletic department has collected $6.5 million in pledges for the project.

    In the meantime, WSU will take on a new debt to cover the remaining $3.5 million until they secure more donations. The athletic department is expected to have an $85-million deficit. However, officials say this project will not be an extra financial burden.

    “The ten-million-dollar project, it will be completely funded by donations, there won’t be any state money involved, there won’t be any student tuition dollars involved,” says Phil Weiler, VP of Communications..

    WSU is the only school in the Pac-12 without a separate baseball facility. The facility will have locker rooms, coaching offices, pitching lab and training facilities.

    WSU hopes this will help with recruitment. The athletic department is on track to end the deficit in 2023.

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