National Nutrition Month: Go Further with Food Seminar


Tri-State Memorial Hospital is a community run hospital which is why every month they put on a free community seminar. This month “Go Further With Food” focuses on National Nutrition Month.

The average American purchases twenty-two hundred dollars a year in food that is wasted. That's a lot of money out of your pocket and a lot of nutrients not in your body.

The seminar will cover this topic, explore healthy recipes and even give out food samples. Jennifer Lind Director of Clinical Nutrition tells us more about what you can expect to learn at the seminar.

“We are going to be talking about a ton of topics all the way from determining a grocery list, doing meal planning, going grocery shopping, how you store your food, choose our food, prepare your food, and how to utilize leftovers. As well as looking at the nutritional parameters of your food.”

The event is Tuesday at 6 pm in the conference room. These seminars happen every month with a variety of topics.

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