New Apartments in Downtown Pullman


While Evolve on Main is considered an apartment building what's go downtown Pullman particularly excited is the opportunity of store fronts right here underneath the apartments.

"this is going to be transformational for this community so here you are bringing in 80 about 85 apartments downtown plus retail on the bottom floor and we are already hearing from neighbors what can we do to complement the new addition and that's exciting right now," said Mayor Glenn Johnson.

But it's not just local partners that are taking notice.

"We are actually hearing from national people that are involved that would like to come to downtown Pullman so we've got a lot of good things going on right now,” said the Mayor.

Evolve is popular in big cities like Seattle on Capitol Hill and Las Vegas.

They are also found near big universities like University of Alabama and University of Tennessee, and now, it’s coming to downtown Pullman.

Mayor Johnson said, "They saw after the recession a large potential for coming downtown and having apartments here as a matter of fact I hear they are being slammed in fact they are have probably filled most of them up."

They are still looking into retailers for the shops but the building is supposed to open August 15th,

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