New idea of running Lewiston Airport

New business model would replicate other regional airports.

The Nez Perce County Commissioners want to experiment with a new way of running the Lewiston-Nez Perce County Regional Airport. A new idea was introduced at a meeting on Friday to discuss airport issues.

The new idea is basically a board broken up into different committees. One side handles expenditures, and the other side handles revenues. These are just ideas, and doesn’t mean it will actually change the makeup of the airport.

The expenditures side is broken down into a committee that will handle facilities, and a committee that will handle finances. The revenue side is broken down into business and airport development.

County Commissioner Doug Zenner and Don Beck came up with the idea, with Zenner saying it’s a smarter and more thought out way of running the airport.

"All other regional airports are based on this model,” Zenner said. “They make money, they spur development, they make revenue, and they update their facilities. That's their business model."

If this model were to become the new way the airport is managed, the Airport Authority Board would still exist, along with airport management.

Sitting board members would be the chair of each subcommittee.

The county commissioners were hoping to discuss the new look with both the City of Lewiston, and airport management, but both entities pulled out of Friday’s scheduled meeting.

Commissioners have appointed airport leaseholder and businessman Gary Peters, along with retired attorney Mandy Miles to represent the county on the authority board.

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